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Tips On How To Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly

Don’t post 100 photos per day, but try to reduce yourself to 1 or 2 photos per day. If your followers constantly only have your pictures in front of their eyes, it can quickly annoy them and in the end you could lose followers because of this. Also, you should wait at least half a day before uploading the next photo on Instagram. Personally, we only recommend uploading photos 2-3 times a week, or if it should be regulary, we only recommend one photo every day.

Edit your photos before publishing on Instagram – use Photoshop or good apps that make image editing possible. Retouch, improve and correct your images to make them even more exciting for your audience, so you get more attention and more likes and followers.

Use the FX offered by Instagram for your pictures. The most popular is the Earlybird effect and always keep in mind that the photos are not too bright or too dark due to the effects used.

It’s a good idea to follow active users or get followers as active users are more likely to be on Instagram. An active user can be recognized by the number of uploaded photos, followers etc.

Connect your Instagram with other social networks like Facebook: Because there are also other users who also have an Instagram account or who have their own Instagram connected to Facebook. Facebook is still the best source for getting new and real followers and likes. Thus, your own friends have the opportunity to even know that you have an Instagram account. Best use a plugin, which publishes your publications on Instagram automatically on Facebook.

Always include relevant hashtags when the photos are published. Although not relevant hashtags also bring a few likes, but if you publish the right picture for the right hashtag, you get more than just a few likes and thus new followers. For this I recommend the app TagsForLikes, which you get here.

Be active on Instagram, give Likes and Follows as much as you can. Very positive comments are also important, which you then write, because by this you will attract 60% of the users to your own Instagram profile. Most, or just some of the users who end up on your profile, will like to like it back or follow, but this ultimately depends on your presentation of the profile and the photos.

Beautiful, funny and interesting pictures bring more likes and followers on Instagram than you think! One should not forget the appropriate hashtags. Portraits or self-shots rarely have a lot of comments, likes and followers – but if you upload a picture of something that is currently very “trendy” and in demand, you’ll get more likes and followers. Funny pictures are always the best. Try not to give it off, because that will write you negative comments and unfollow you… not every subscriber wants to see your SWAG or what you just bought at the Gucci Store, which champagne you have in hand or which new PS3 game you have you have gained. Keep your subscribers entertained, make them laugh by being creative and uploading photos that make you laugh.

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